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Underfloor heating is a modern and effective way of heating your home that provides a comfortable and luxurious experience. Underfloor heating works at a much lower temperature meaning that you can save money on your energy bills and maximise space in your home.

How Can Your Home Benefit from Underfloor Heating?

Underfloor heating provides so much more than just functionality. It can elevate your home and living experience. Here are just a few of the benefits to consider when choosing an underfloor heating system:


Underfloor heating evenly distributes heat throughout your home in order to provide a more efficient heating method. By utilising energy from renewable sources, the system also reduces the use of carbon and acts as a more environmentally friendly option.


By choosing underfloor heating, you can maximise space within a room without having to compromise on heat. Wireless remotes can also increase freedom and remove the worry of having fitted room stats.


One of the biggest benefits of underfloor heating is the comfortable heat that protects you from cold days. As it is a quieter option than radiators, you can stay warm all night without being woken by loud crackling noises or boiler beeps.

Heat Your Home with Leodis

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, installing underfloor heating is a great investment that can add value to your property.

We believe that the process of selecting and installing underfloor heating doesn’t have to be overwhelming or complex. Our Customer Journey guides you through every step of the project and lets you know what you can expect from start to finish.

You can relax knowing that your home is being looked after by experts.  From initial planning and product selection, through to completion, we will provide you with the necessary information and resources to help you make informed decisions and ensure a successful installation.


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Why Choose Us?

Leodis are an accredited underfloor heating installer with over 20 years’ experience. Our processes are designed to provide assurances making sure that all information is clear and simple. For added peace of mind, all of our work is backed by insurance and manufacturer warranties.

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Underfloor Heating for all floor types

There is an Underfloor Heating (UFH) application for every type of floor. The market is forever expanding and new innovations are constantly on the horizon. Your final floor finish can be tiled, wood, laminate, carpet and even vinyl. Below is an indication of common UFH systems that we use for our projects.



The AmbiDeck® system really does give the best of both worlds – it provides a low-profile underfloor heating system, which incorporates an insulation layer and can be tiled directly onto. AmbiDeck® consists of a high-density XPS insulation panel, 18 mm thick. The face of the panel is cement-coated, making it rigid and durable. It is grooved to take 12 mm UFH pipework, with a radius return grooved into each panel, making the panel universal. Additional pipework channels can easily be routed/ grooved into the panel.

Download AmbiDeck Datasheet



The panel is a moulded plastic panel, with an overall depth of 20mm - the 'castles' are spaced at 50mm intervals provide a consistent fixing point and enabling a fast and neat pipework installation. The castellated system has two further benefits over a traditional clip system: • The plastic panels act as a separating layer, meaning that additional DPM layer is not neccesary • The castles protect the pipework prior to screeding - especially important if screeding is a while after initial installation.

Download AmbiSolo Datasheet



The AmbiTak is a quick and flexible system, providing an even and effective form of heating within a screeded floor build up. UFH pipework is typically clipped to a laminated EPS sheet (25mm minimum) . Tacker staples are fed from a specialist tool through the laminate layer and into the EPS insulation - the staples are barbed to give a good fixing that will withstand the flex of the pipe. Quick installation process.

Download AmbiTak Datasheet

Maintaining your heating system

No matter which heating system you choose, failure to maintain it will ultimately lead to system failures and inefficiencies. Regular servicing allows engineers to proactively look for signs of failure within the system and offer solutions to maximise efficiency.


There are some common faults that occur which can be detrimental to the UFH system. These include trapped air, incorrect or unbalanced flow rates, build-up of debris, blockages, wiring issues, malfunctioning pumps, any of which can lead to inconsistent heating output, cold zones, higher heating bills, or breakdown.


Regular servicing ensures that the underfloor heating system is running efficiently and effectively. This can also ensure that the system is not in any immediate risk of breakdown. Regular maintenance will likely extend the systems life cycle, whilst providing peace of mind that your heating system will be there when called upon.


Whether a one-off system health check, or a comprehensive maintenance and servicing plan, Leodis are industry experts with over 20 years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of underfloor heating systems. Our engineers are NVQ Level 2 qualified and BPEC accredited as a minimum.


The annual maintenance plan offers a great option for spreading the service costs over the year. Maintenance Plan subscribers benefit from discounted prices, priority call outs, Asset Tagging and Mapping, as well as access to the Leodis Customer Portal, an online register for all your heating assets.



Check for leaks
Tighten fittings
Operate valves and check correct operation
Check actuators
Check and record flow rates
Replace washers and seals
Check pressure
Refill system
Manually bleed valves
Check and record flow and return temperatures
check pump operation
Check system interlock
Check each zone switches on
Check controls
Check thermostat(s)
Check wiring
Flush UFH system
Check inhibitor levels
Top up inhibitor levels
Re-check pressure
System health report
Thermal efficiency report



Based on a single zone, 6 port manifold ONE-OFF SERVICE MAINTENANCE PLAN
Service Cost £300 £22/mo
System Checks 18 22
Emergency Call out £120 £80
Priority Call
Customaer Portal

*If your system was not installed by Leodis or exceeds 14 months since Leodis's last service, we will require an initial service visit to take over the system at the cost of a one-off service visit.



Zone Valve Replace head of 2-port valve or full body with a Honeywell 2-port valve £240.00
Pump Grundfos Pump replacement £375.00
Pump & Blending Valve Grundfos Pump and Blending Valve £480.00
Actuator Replace 1nr Actuator £180.00
Multiple Actuators 2-6 Additional £25.00 / Actuator on top of the price above


“We chose to work with Leodis as they offered us the best quote. We are so impressed with Ollie and the whole team. Would highly recommend.”
““Leodis is made of hardworking and professional individuals. They came to fit out underfloor heating and we have been happy since the start of the project. Our house is lovely and warm all thanks to them.”